For Seniors

Do you love to discover nature, culture, food, wine, and local traditions? Come to Castelli Romani! We are known for a great selection of food with more than 30 certified typical products (including nine wines).

You will have the opportunity to experience the vineyard and discover the secrets of our excellent wine. Moreover, you can visit the wonderful Tuscolan Villas, the noble palaces, or the archaeological monuments. If you like walking we can offer you good walks along the paths like the Via Francigena del Sud and the Natural Path of the Parks of Castelli Romani Regional Park. Choose the period of your holiday to be able to experience a number of events such as the Infiorata di Genzano, the Sagra dell’Uva di Marino or one of the numerous festivals and fairs.

Discover everything by checking the links down below!

Winery in Frascati 

“As before…”, At the Santino’s winery/osteria in Frascati – Via Pietro Campana 27, you can bring your food and ask for local wine in a very typical and informal place

Wine tasting with Alfredo in Frascati

Visit a 16th-century artisanal winery in Frascati

Visit Merumalia wine resort in Frascati


Villas, Palaces and museums

Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati

San Nilo Abbey, ancient biblioteque and museum in Grottaferrata

Chigi palace and park in Ariccia

Locanda Martorelli in Ariccia

Palace and Park Sforza Cesarini in Genzano

Archeological tour of Albano Laziale

Juno Sospita’s Temple, medieval tower and wall and archeological museum

Museums in Velletri



Strawberries Festival in Nemi (first week of June)

Traditional Infiorata in Genzano (in June)

Wine Festival in Marino (Sagra dell’Uva – first week of October)

Chestnut Festival in Rocca di Papa (third week of October)