Once the ancient Velitrae, today is one of the largest and most populated towns of the Castelli Romani, an appreciated wine producing centre, a cultural tourism destination and holiday spot.

Situated in a panoramic position on a spur of Monte Artemisio, at the extreme south of the Alban Hills, Velletri is the largest territory of the Castelli Romani and one of the most important centres of the province of Rome. Surrounded by vineyards, it was chosen and frequented as a holiday spot since ancient Roman times. It is a town rich in history and traditions that offer visitors interesting alternative sightseeing itineraries. Owing to the importance of the naturalistic area, Velletri is also part of the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani (Regional Park of the Castelli Romani).

In 1787, Goethe was so struck by the beauty of the town and by the surrounding nature that he described it in his famous Viaggio in Italia.

Mainly an agricultural town, Velletri boasts of a significant wine production with a good variety of vines.

Pro loco Velitrae
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