Monte Porzio Catone

Known as the City of Wine, it could also be defined the "City of Orchids and Nativity Scenes" for the two beautiful exhibitions successfully held every year.

The town rises on the northern slopes of Monte Tuscolo, between Frascati and Montecompatri, on a tuff rock hill formed from a secondary cone of the Latium Volcano, from which all the Alban Hills have originated. It can be recognized from far by the massive outline of the Duomo. Monteporzio Catone is situated at about 400 mamsl and dominates the vast vineyards that, together with numerous wine bars and cellars, deserve the name of Città del Vino. The entrance to the town is through a simple, yet imposing featured vault incorporated in Borghese Palace. Walking through the small alleys of the peaceful centre, you can enjoy the view, from various angles, of Rome or the surrounding chestnut woods. An important event of which the town is proud and rightly so, is the famous Mostra Internazionale delle Orchidee (International Orchid Show), which every year draws cultivators from all over the world and attracts the public for all over Lazio and not only.

Culture Office
☎️ (+39) 06 9428333 / 06 9447471
📍 Via Roma, 5 — 00078 Monte Porzio Catone , RM


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