Martorelli Inn

The historical building, Locanda Martorelli, facing Piazza di Corte has witnessed the time of intense artistic flow at Ariccia, as it was an important stopover for the Grand Tour d'Italie in the 19th century.

In 1820, it was converted into an inn by Antonio Martorelli and frequented until 1880 by numerous painters and writers of that period who were captured by the quaint beauty of the town and Parco Chigi. In a short time, it became a kind of “en plein air” academy where many famous artists stayed, i.e. Turner, Corot, and the Russian artist Ivanov. Inside the building, you can see a cycle of wall paintings by the polish painter Taddeo Kuntze illustrating the mythological history of the town: La Tentazione di Ippolito (The Temptation of Hippolytus), La Morte di Ippolito (Hippolytus’ Death), La Caccia di Diana (Diana’s Hunt), Il Sacrificio a Diana (The Sacrifice to Diana), La Congiura Contro Turno Edornio (The Conspiracy against Turno Edornio), La Battaglia del Lago Regillo (Battle of Lake Regillus), La Ninfa Egeria(Nymph Egeria) and Numa Pompili (Numa Pompilius).
In 1988, it was acquired by the town council and later, after great renovation work, became a place for art exhibitions and – as the sign above the entrance expresses – “Museum of the Grand Tour”.