Rocca di Papa

Sagra delle Castagne (Chestnut Festival) – it has been celebrated since 1979 on the third Sunday of October. The festival is dedicated to the local chestnuts, small in size and sweet in taste, known as Rocchicianella: produced in more than 2000 hectares of chestnut woods, it is one of the most important products the town is proud of. The celebrations include exhibitions, concerts,craftsmanship, folkloristic events, wine & food stands where you can taste some excellent roasted chestnuts and good local wine. Since 1998, one of the most important chess games in Italy is held during the celebrations.

La Mangialonga – In Summer a non-competitive walk of 7 kilometres is organized among woods and the town’s archeological sites. During the frequent breaks, typical local food is offered: porkmeat, cold cuts, baked dishes and wine from the Castelli Romani.

Festa di Santa Maria Assunta – The Virgin is celebrated on the 15th August. The Mass is followed by concerts, folkloristic events, food & wine stands.

Festa del Santo Patrono Carlo Borromeo (Patron Saint’s Day) – During the week of 4th November the town is busy with the celebrations of the Patron Saint of Rocca di Papa during which concerts, traditional games, markets and firework displays are organized.