Rocca Priora

A town that until the end of the 1900s was the Glacierof Rome, strategically located overlooking the Valle Latina still offers today a mountain atmosphere and landscapes.

At a height of 768 mamsl Rocca Priora is the highest town of the Castelli Romani. It is undoubtedly the coldest in the area with heavy snowfalls every year known as the snowfield of Rome, Rocca Priora owes its past fortune to ice trading.

The Santuario della Madonna della Neve (Our Lady of the Snow) remembers and witnesses the close relationship the town had with its particular climate.

A walk through the picturesque alleys of the historical centre, hidden on the side of a high hill facing towards Monte Ceraso, offers glimpses of what seems to be time gone by and for those looking out from the Belvedere, positioned on top of the town, a chance to enjoy one of the most breathtaking panorama of the Castelli, in the direction of Rome and the Tiburtini, Prenestini and Ernici Mounts.

Office of Culture and Entertainment
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