Sagra delle Fragole (Strawberry Festival) – Since 1922, Nemi has continued to celebrate its sweet-tasting delicacy on the first Sunday of June. During the celebrations a huge goblet is filled with strawberries and covered with spumante fragolino (strawberry flavoured sparkling wine) and offered to visitors. During the festival, you can enjoy live historic scenes, dances, shows and concerts. Farms and shops sell all kind of strawberry-based and strawberry-related products, including desserts, liquors and recipes books. During recent years the strawberry festival has welcomed the Flower Exhibition and at the end of the show the winning florist is awarded the Golden Strawberry, a jewel which contains a real gold plated strawberry.

Festa patronale dei Santi Filippo e Giacomo (Patron Saint’s Day) – On the 1st of May the town celebrates its Patron Saints Filippo and Giacomo with a procession carrying their remains and standards through the streets of Nemi.