Set along the outer slope of the crater of Nemi, Genzano overlooks the plane surrounded by soft hills facing south, which slope down towards Lanuvio. Today, well known for the important Infiorata (folkloristic and religious exhibition), one of the most spectacular local festivals in the Lazio region, in the 17th century was known as the City of Wine, par excellence is the suggestive column decorated with grape and vine bas-reliefs towering over Piazza Tommaso Frasconi in the town centre.

History tells us that the Romans knew Genzano as Cynthianum, a stopover along the Appian Way towards Velletri and Terracina, but most of all as the gateway to Nemi and its sanctuary dedicated to Diana. In medieval times, the town actually developed around the ancient rock, which was later transformed into the majestic Palazzo Sforza Cesarini. Genzano’s actual town planning was commissioned by this noble family on the original layout of two tridents: the “elm” trident (so-called “delle olmate”) has beautiful and large boulevards while the “built” trident, starting at the central square of Piazza IV Novembre, links Via Italo Belardi, Via Bruno Buozzi and Via Garibaldi

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