The ancient capital of the Latin League was later transformed by the magnificent Baroque style of Bernini; today it is also known for its gastronomic delicacy, which is unique worldwide

The small town is situated along the via Appia (Appian Way), half way between Nemi and Albano, and can be reached by the monumental bridge, one of the most important engineering works of the 19th century.The present town centre has developed around the original medieval hamlet, built on a rock spur facing the woody Valle Ariccia, an antique dried out lake basin where you can find the remains of the Latin city Aricia, evidence of its very ancient history.

Ariccia is known for the great work of the 17th century that changed its architectural aspect: Bernini carried out the extraordinary urban complex of Piazza della Repubblica (or Piazza di Corte) where Palazzo Chigi and the interesting Chiesa dell’Assunta stand today. The historical buildings and landscapes, the local gastronomy, such as the well-known porchetta (roasted pork meat) and the Castelli Romani sweet wine, makes Ariccia one of the favourite spots to visit along the Colli Albani (Alban Hills).

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