Rocca di Papa

The picturesque medieval town wonderfully situated on the slopes of Monte Cavo, preserves the memory of the ancient Cabum Latina, a sacred place of Jupiter Latiaris.

What strikes most about Rocca di Papa is its splendid panoramic position, climbing up to a height of 681 masl along the inner side of Monte Cavo where you can have a glance over one of the most beautiful landscapes of the area. A visit to the town – the only one among Castelli Romani to have kept its medieval layout – offers picturesque glimpses of houses clinging to the rock and the intricate maze of steep, small alleys hidden among the buildings.

The residential area is dominated by the Belvedere della Fortezza Medievale (Medieval Fortress Viewpoint), a very valuable archaeological site where you can enjoy a unique panorama stretching as far as the sea.

The territory of Rocca di Papa is very extensive and overlooks awide, flat valley, the Pratoni del Vivaro, where the Centro Federale di Equitazione del CONI (Federal Centre of Horse Riding) is located. It is a favourite spot for the Romans who wish to spend a relaxing day, and for expert horsemen and horsewomen who trainin the wide open space.

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