Find out more about the Basilian monks

The fortified Abbey of San Nilo, in the town of Grottaferrata, dates back to the year 1004 and houses a Basilian congregation, that although still under the Church of Rome, follow the Byzantine rite of the Church of Constantinople.

The Monastery, built on the remains of a Roman villa of which the cryptoporticus is visible, is enclosed by massive crenellated walls with a walkway, a fortress and a semicircular tower.
The beautiful church, with a Romanesque bell tower, contains the so-called Crypta Ferrata (the primitive church of San Nilo which gives its name to the surrounding town) and the Farnese chapel richly frescoed by Domenichino. The cloister, the rich archaeological museum and the library with over 50,000 ancient volumes are also outstanding. The Abbey also hosts the famous Laboratory of Restoration of Ancient Books, where the famous “Codex Atlanticus” of Leonardo da Vinci was restored.