Where wine flows from fountains

The famous Grape Festival of Marino (Sagra dell’Uva), one of the oldest festivals in Italy, is held every first Sunday in October as it has been since 1925, when it was contrived by the poet Leone Ciprelli, who began what was to become a tradition that would spread throughout the peninsula.

For the occasion the fountains of the town actually have wine gushing out and the streets become filled with people who eat, drink and sing together, immersed in a contagious festive joy. The different squares and lanes of the
town host performances, concerts, traditional dances, flag-wavers, and much more. The festivities of the Madonna del Rosario, which commemorate the victory of the Holy Alliance against the Ottoman Empire in the Battle of Lepanto on 7 October 1571, are counterbalanced by the profanity of the wine festival. Do not miss the evocative re-enactment of the Historical Procession for the return of Marcantonio Colonna from the Battle of Lepanto, curated by a group of local associations who have recreated the clothes, weapons, musical instruments, flags and hairstyles of the time.