A tour of the “Fraschette” indulging in wine and porchetta

Wherever you are in Castelli Romani, for lunch you really have to try a sandwich or roll with porchetta (spiced spit-roasted pork),accompanied by a good glass of local wine.

La Porchetta di Ariccia is a certified IGP product that is famous all over the world. The town centers of Ariccia and Frascati are full of fraschette, the typical Castelli Romani taverns.
Today there are a couple left where like in the old days, you can take your own food and just order wine, but now most offer their own menu of specialities. However, wherever you go in the Castelli Romani, ask the locals and they’ll happily show you where to eat a good sandwich with porchetta, or a plate of local cold cuts and cheeses and drink a glass of wine.You can’t go wrong, just sit down, eat, drink and relax, you’re in the Castelli Romani!