Bread, polenta and mushrooms!

Among the towns of the Castelli Romani, Lariano is nicknamed “the village of festivals” for a good reason! It’s hard to be bored whenthere are so many parties, festivals and music animating the village throughout the year.What do they have to celebrate? Mainly food.

Lariano is known for its artisan MCGcertified dark flour bread, which accompanies
porcini mushrooms collected in quantity in the surrounding woods. Among the local specialties we mustn’t forget the tasty cellitti,
long gnocchetti pasta made with water and flour: after boiling they are seasoned with a quick sauce made of tomato, garlic, parsley
and pecorino. Bread, porcini mushrooms, cellitti have their festivals (between May and September), on top of which festivals
dedicated to bruschetta, pizza, wild boar and polenta are also added. The rustic delicacies of Lariano can still be enjoyed all year round in the typical restaurants of the village.