A Borgo made of flowers

In June in Genzano di Roma, many men and women patiently, day and night, “peel” the flowers to collect the petals that will be usedto decorate the main street of the city that, slightly uphill, leads to the Duomo.

A natural canvas that hosts wonderful images, real works of art made with colorful flower petals. The exhibition is spread over 2,000 square meters and requires about 400,000 flowers.
It is the famous Infiorata Festival, pride of the Genzanese artists, which takes place during the weekend of Corpus Domini in June. This event was inaugurated in 1778 and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

We recommend that you experience it throughout all its different phases: on Friday evening the Infioratori Masters elaborate
the drawings on the ground, which will then be completed Saturday night by laying the different coloured petals on the pavement; on
Sunday the designs remain on show and on Monday there is the ritual of the ‘spallamento’, reserved for children who run over the mantle of flowers creating a joyous cloud of colors and perfumes.