Albano Laziale

Church and Convento of St. Maria della Stella

The church, situated at the far southeast of the town, was built in various stages starting halfway through the 16th century, probably where the previous early-Christian Chiesa di San Senatore was erected over the catacombs bearing the same name.

It reached its present aspect in 1687 thanks to the relevant contribution from the municipal administration of Albano.

The Catacombe di San Senatore (Catacombs of St. Senator) can be seen below the adjoining Convento dei Carmelitani.

The high altar is decorated in polychrome marble, in perfect baroque style, and is dominated by a tympanum containing a painting of the Madonna con Bambino surrounded by angels. The Virgin’s robe is adorned with a star; this is what gave the church its particular name.

Standing out on the back wall is the splendid coat-of-arms of the Savelli family, who were seigneur of Albano for several centuries.