Albano Laziale

St. Pancrazio Cathedral

The church underwent various alterations such as the addition of a sacristy and an adjoining cemetery. The restructuring was started in 1700 by Bishop Ferdinando d’Adda and continued by Cardinal Fabrizio Paolucci who had the present façade built to the design of Carlo Buratti.

The cathedral reached its actual aspect in 1913 after more than 50 years of renovation and restructuring and was carried out with the financial contribution of the people of Albano. Thanks to this work a row of columns dating back to medieval cathedral built by Leo III were discovered.

The interior of the cathedral is in neoclassical style and is divided into three aisles with six chapels along the sides where some very interesting paintings dating back to the 18th century can be seen. The monogram of Christ stands out in the apse above three large paintings depicting respectively the finding of the Holy Cross by St. Helena (left) the glory of St. Pancras (centre) and the apparition of the Holy Cross to Constantine (right). It is important to mention the marble sarcophagus of the early Christian period with a figure in aptitude of prayer in the centre. Not far from the cathedral, in Via A. De Gasperi, you can see a charming Episcopal palace, built in 1725 by Cardinal Nicola Lercari, Secretary of State to Pope Benedict XIII.