Albano Laziale

The town once known as Alba Longa and then chosen by Septimius Severus as settlement for his faithful Second Parthica Legion, is today a lively touristic and cultural centre

Lago AlbanoAlbano, a small town of ancient origin, rises on the south banks of the lake bearing the same name and deserves a close visit to see the archeological and architectural findings originating from the Latium Vetus, proceeding through the Republican and Imperial Rome up to the Renaissance period. Many of these findings can be found in the Museo Civico di Palazzo Ferrajoli.

The town planning of the old centre partly follows the roads of the ancient Roman Castra (the old camp of the Second Severian Legion Parthica, an exact rectangular outlay) of which fragments of the walls and other important remains of the Porta Pretoria are still visible today.

The Baths, Amphitheatre and Cistern are important evidence of the public facilities available to the legions and their families. Apart from archeological findings, Albano offers other important places of interest resulting from its pleasant surrounding landscapes and its excellent wine and food, which have been highly appreciated by intellectuals and painters as far back as the Grand Tour.

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