The landscape of the territory within Frascati, Monte Porzio Catone and Grottaferrata is enriched by a series of sumptuous patrician
residences from the late Renaissance and Baroque eras, which the Roman nobility built in the bucolic Alban Hills. Today some can be visited, others are luxurious hotels and others still are private residences. Among the residences that you can visit is Villa Falconieri, built in Frascati in the 16th Century and enriched by Borromini’s architecture, boasting beautiful interior fresco decorations and a large park. Today it hosts the Vivarium Novum Academy, an International center of Humanities and educational institution dedicated to the study, teaching and promotion of the classical languages, of Latin and ancient Greek, amongst young people coming from all over the Globe. Arriving in Frascati, you cannot ignore Villa Aldobrandini, for its imposing monumentality, that welcomes you
and dominates the main square, surrounded by greenery and made unique by the 2500 square meter nymphaeum, with beautiful fountains and terraces on several levels. The park can be visited and occasionally some interiors. Next to Villa Aldobrandini is Villa Torlonia, of which only the beautiful garden remains since the events of WWII, today it is a public park. The largest of the “Tuscolan Villas” is the beautiful Villa Mondragone, which is now run by the University of Tor Vergata for conferences and events but
also open to the public for guided visits. Then there are Villa Grazioli and Villa Tuscolana, both in wonderful panoramic positions and
which are now prestigious hotels.