Villa Grazioli

This splendid 16th century villa, today a hotel and restaurant, is one the twelve Ville Tuscolane (Villas of Tusculum). Here you can admire the precious cycles of frescoes painted between the 16th and 18th century illustrating the history of the villa.

Among the different artists, we can mention Agostino Ciampelli. The elegant Italian-style garden belonging to the Villa represents one of its most charming features and has been well preserved throughout time.

The Villa was built in 1580 by Cardinal Antonio Carafa and then purchased by Cardinal Ottavio Acquaviva in 1591. During this period, the villa hosted Pope Paul V and his family. In 1612, Cardinal Scipione Borghese purchased the villa and exchanged it with Cardinal Taverna’s Villa of Mondragone. Hereafter, it was passed on to the Peretti, the Savelli and the Odescalchi who entrusted its renovation to the masterwork of Giovanni Battista Fontana (1696-1698). In 1833, it became property of the Collegio of Propaganda Fide that sold it to Duke Pio Grazioli.