Trivio’s Tower

On the central Piazza Cairoli overlook the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo - commonly known as "Santa Maria del Trivio" - and its elegant Gothic bell tower, also commonly known as the "Torre del Trivio", due to the fact that this square joins three streets.

The Tower is about 50 meters high and is decorated with double mullioned windows on three floors and a series of single-lancet windows at the top. It was built in 1353 by the Magistri Comacini, true masters of the masonry art. Originally it was incorporated into the church of which it was the bell tower, but when the latter was restored in 1622, the tower was detached from it. Seriously damaged by the bombing of the last war, it was then promptly rebuilt.
The Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo was naturally built before the bell tower, but its exact date is not known. It is known, however, that in 1622, due to its poor condition, its reconstruction was started by the architect Carlo Maderno. The works were then completed in 1759 by Carlo Murena.

The building has a Latin cross plan and is surmounted by a dome. Inside, near the main altar, preserves the Assumption of the Virgin Mary performed by the Sienese Giovanni Sorbi in the first half of the century XVIII; in the chapel of St. Anthony, the first on the left, there is a canvas by Sebastiano Conca representing the Madonna and the Saints.

The bombing did not spare the church, causing the destruction of the apse and the central nave.