Festa patronale di San Clemente (Patron Saint’s Day) – on the 23rd September the town celebrates Saint Clement, Pope, martyr, and Patron Saint.

La Pasquella (Period Costume Parade) – it is held on the 5th January, the day before the Epiphany. While the old witch is handing out sweets to everyone, a parade of period costumes takes place.

La festa dell’Uva e del Vino (Grape & Wine festival) – it has been held since 1930 and takes place every year on the last weekend of September. The much waited festival, from all over the territory of Velletri and not only, celebrates its high quality wine with music, folk dancing and of course, local wine and food tasting.

Palio delle Decarcie (Inter-District Race) – since 1996, the Association “Palio delle Decarie – Nicola Ferri” organizes during the Grape & Wine Festival a district challenge in remembrance of the so-called “Palio delle Decarcie” (16th century). During the event, the historical reconstruction takes place whereby horsemen represent their own district and compete for the victory. Other main features are the parade of costumes from Renaissance Period along the streets of old town, a flag throwing and drummer display, street games and traditional food for dinner

La Festa delle Camelie (Camellias Flower Show) – it usually takes place during the third weekend of March. These beautiful flowers grow successfully in Velletri’s countryside owing to its microclimate and volcanic soil necessary for an excellent cultivation of Camellias. In the public park, nurseries come from all over Italy to display plants and flowers. Streets are decorated and food & wine stands are available to taste local products.

Sagra del Carciofo alla Matticella (Artichoke Festival) – during May the town celebrates the anniversary of a centuries old famous dish, which has been submitted for entry in the list of Traditional Products and to be recognized by the European Mark of Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG). During the celebrations, the roman type artichokes are cooked over a barbeque made with bundles of vine twigs (so-called matticelle). Music, songs and local wine complete the evening.

Estate Veliterna (Velletri Summer) – in summer Velletri has a calendar of events including music festivals, kermises of cabaret, literary groups as well as artistic and cultural activities.