Rocca Priora

Robazza Museum

The Cultural Center Monsignor Francesco Giacci located in the Historic Center of Rocca Priora hosts the permanent exhibition of the sculptor Mario Benedetto Robazza.


A unique journey inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy and in particular the thirty-four cantos of Hell. Visiting this museum is like being immersed in Dante’s songs and seeing them almost come to life thanks to the evocative sculptures in marble, bronze and paintings. A path particularly suitable for all students, scholars, and enthusiasts who can also access, within the same structure, an educational room, set up by the Library of Castelli Romani Consortium, where it will be possible to consult all the narrative and non-fiction texts. divided by age groups, relating to the Divine Comedy, Dante and the Artist Mario Benedetto Robazza.

Distinctive features: in the passage between the various exhibition halls, the visitor can retrace the genesis of the work of Maestro Benedetto Robazza in that continuum of studies and in-depth studies which, starting from the bronze proof of the paintings and sketches, closes with the monumental work, true masterpiece of the Master and unique in its kind: a ribbon of sculptures worked in high relief for a surface of 90 square meters that enclose all the 34 cantos of L’Inferno. An impressive visual and artistic impact as well as unique in the world. Consisting of 18 marble panels, the work restores the entire Dante’s imaginative universe to the visitors, charging faces and actions of those characters the High Poet sings of strong realism.