Rocca Priora

Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate – Since the second half of the 19th century,every year in January, the town has celebrated the Patron Saint of animals and agricultural products. During the celebrations, consecrated bread is distributed and animals on parade floats decorated with bread and fruit receive their blessings. The celebrations also include gastronomic stands, local product tasting, flag-throwing displays and musical performances.

Sagra dello Scottone (Ricotta cheese festival) – this festival coincides with the closure of the St. Antonio Abate festival and is dedicated to the excellent local product known as “Scottone”. It is made by pouring milk into an appropriate container and boiling it twice to become ricotta. The ricotta cheese is served hot in earthenware bowls.

Festa Madonna della Neve – it is held each year between the end of July and the beginning of August together with the children’s song concert “Bimbincanto”. The celebrations include a religious procession followed by an artificial snowfall in remembrance of the “miracle” that took place in the summer of 352.

Festa di San Rocco (Patron Saint’s Day) – on 16th August the Patron Saint is celebrated which includes a procession through the streets of the town carrying the statue of San Rocco. There are also wine and food stands and a firework display.

Ti presento il Galletto” (Chanterelle Mushrooms Festival) – the chanterelle mushroom (also known as girolle mushroom) celebration is organized in September by the local Cultural Association “Amici del Fungo Galletto” and includes musical entertainment as well as wine and food stands and handcraft stalls.