La Tognazza – house museum

The great Ugo Tognazzi, an Italian actor, chose the Velletri estate with its vineyards and its olive grove to start our adventure.


In those years, cinema was profoundly different from today and, often, a cinematic idea or the drafting of a screenplay could take place around the table and with a good glass of wine in front of it. Velletri, on the outskirts of Rome, is the place where everything was born, the farm which has always been owned by the Tognazzi family. From this place our journey began in search of an ever new way of making wine without ever losing contact with tradition. Today our vineyards are located between Velletri, the Castelli Romani and Chianti, the symbolic place of Italian red wine.

Today Tognazza is led by the inexhaustible Gian Marco Tognazzi and Alessandro Capria, who have been able, in recent years, to build and shape a team of absolute excellence, which places Tognazza among the wine proposals that it is just impossible not to have. La tognazza today is a brand and a lifestyle.

It stands for character, fun, bold and creative personality.
These are the main ingredients of each of our products, these are the elements that give each label color, aroma, accent… and life.
Each wine of La Tognazza contains its own story, always different and above all in contrast to the classic stereotypes.

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