Monte Porzio Catone

Civic Museum

Housed in four recently restored rooms of the seventeenth-century core of the Duomo, the City Museum illustrates the dynamics of settlement in a territory with a thousand-year history.


The exhibition is divided into three sections in which the heterogeneous collection, including archaeological finds from the pre-Roman and Roman ages (impasto pottery of the Iron Age, a splendid polychrome mosaic, fragments of frescoes from the imperial age, architectural terracottas, ceramics, statuary, inscriptions and coins) from Tusculum and from the splendid Tuscan villas scattered throughout the territory, finds from the Middle Ages (including a papal bull) and Renaissance (polychrome majolica, paintings, original engravings) and original documentary material from the XVII – XIX centuries century, and a rich didactic apparatus – illustrative. The individual themes can be explored in the video projection room, which invites you to rediscover and visit the rich archaeological and historical – artistic heritage scattered in this geographical district.

In the picture: antefix to palmetta, with Vittoria alata – first half of the I century A.D. Coming from the Barco Borghese archaeological complex.