Monte Porzio Catone

Mostra Internazionale Presepiale (Nativity Scene Displays) – it is held throughout December until the Epiphany (6th January). It is organized by the “Gruppo Amici del Presepe” (an association of enthusiasts) inside several locations in the historical centre. The creative Nativity scenes on display are the work of talented locals as well as enthusiasts from all over Italy.

Mostra Intercontinentale delle Orchidee (Orchid Flower Show) – since 1996 the show takes place in the historical tinelli (typical taverns) every year in April attracting tourists and enthusiasts. The centre of the town becomes the site of magnificent flowers and atmosphere created ad hoc for the occasion. Furthermore, it is an important event for the crossbreeders who propose new variations of flowers. Together with the flower displays, you can enjoy shows and musical performances in the town centre where shops, bars and the well know fraschette (typical taverns of Castelli Romani area) are open until late night.

Festa di Sant’Antonio Martire (Patron Saint’s Day) – the first week of September is dedicated to St. Antony Martyr, the town’s Patron Saint. The celebrations include a religious procession, musical events and a firework display.

Carnevale Monteporziano (Carneval of Monteporzio) – it has been organized since 1990 and is a merry and entertaining parade of floats with music, groups in masked costumes and firework displays. Every year the festival programme introduces something new such as exhibitions, recreation activities, animation and creative pathways.

Mercatino dell’antiquariato, dell’artigianato e delle curiosità (antique, handcraft and curiosity market) – on the last Sunday of each month the town holds an antique and handcraft market.