Aldobrandini Stables

The 17th century building was rebuilt by architect Massimiliano Fuksas, who created large open spaces without partitions to transform the stables into exhibition areas, yet at the same time respecting the historical importance of the building by leaving the original "poor" stonework and main portal frames visible.

Today, the Stables display a Permanent Archaeological Exhibition and are an important multiuse cultural exhibition centre where events, shows, theatre reviews and dancing performances are held.

On the ground floor, there is the archaeological collection that boasts findings from the Republican and Imperial periods continuing through to the Middle Ages: epigraphs, inscriptions, urns, sculptures and bas-reliefs. In the historical-artistic section, you can see several scale models of the Villas of Tusculum and, in a large recess at the back of the room, sculptures celebrating the myth of Dionysus-Bacchus.

An auditorium has been created on the first floor where concerts, theatre performances and various artistic and cultural events are held.