Sant’Antonio Abate – (Patron Saint of Animals) it is celebrated on 17th January with a procession leading to Piazza San Pietro (St. Peter’s square) where the animals are blessed.

Festa dei Santi Patroni Filippo e Giacomo (Patron Saint’s Day) – it is celebrated on 3rd May during High Mass when candles are offered to the Saints. Entrance to the Aldobrandini stables is usually free on special days.

San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist) – the 23rd of June is known as the night of the witches when St. John the Baptist is celebrated with songs, dances, food, stalls and the well known “lumacata” (snail tasting) take place in the square.

Festival Internazionale delle Ville Tuscolane (International Festival of the Villas of Tusculum) – at the end of June, theatre reviews, dancing and musical performances are held at Villa Torlonia attracting many visitors and tourists, among which some famous guests who have come to several editions.

Festa del Borgo di San Rocco (Festival of St. Rocco District) – the festival is held during the second week of September when you can taste the local fagioli e cotiche (beans with pig’s skin) or listen to poetry recitals in dialect.

Festa della Cortesia – it was a tradition for the rich winemakers to thank workers for the wine harvest and is held during the last week of October with concerts, firework displays and an exhibition of agricultural machinery and traditional tools.

Mercatino d’arte e d’antiquariato (art and antique market) – on the first Sunday of each month the streets are lined with colourful stalls selling works of art and antiques, sometimes modern art collections, hobby materials and objects.