Walk around the edge of the crater

Taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day, we recommend this route, suitable for everyone, which follows the north ridge of the outer
crater of the Colli Albani, which leads from Frascati to Rocca Priora in a few hours. It starts from Frascati and, at the entrance of
Villa Falconieri, continues along path n.501 that runs along the border wall of Villa Mondragone, then further up to the Hermitage of Camaldoli, to ascend gradually to Tuscolo, near the archaeological area. From here on, the panoramic walk offers various
different wonderful views over the beautiful Valle Latina to continue along the next path, labeled n.503; before getting on Monte
Salomone you can decide to make a detour to the Convent of San Silvestro to then rejoin the path again and soon reach Rocca Priora. The two villas, Falconieri and Mondragone, and the archaeological area of Tusculum can be visited with a guide.