Civic Museum of Lanuvio

Il Museo Civico di Lanuvio can boast a rich collection of over 2000 findings belonging to the prehistoric, pre-roman, Roman and Medieval periods. It is arranged in three parts: a pre-Roman section, an epigraph section and a medieval section.

The pre-Roman section displays findings from the Ager lanuvinus, the Villae Suburbane and from the Tempio di Giunone Sospita. The collection features remarkable elements such as the fresco from the Augustan period depicting Dionysian imagery, marble fragments of the sculpture group of Licinius Murena, the remains of the ancient Lanuvium’s Balineum (thermal baths), which are actually integrated into the exhibition rooms, as well as the photograph exhibition of the Temple’s excavations.

The epigraph section shows epigraphs dating back to a time span going from the 2nd century BC to the 4th century AD, among which we can find a fragment of a bucchero Kylix bearing ancient Latin inscriptions. Next to the epigraphs, you can find explanation panels.

The area dedicated to the Medieval displays sculptured groups from the church Collegiate of Santa Maria Maggiore, as well as pottery, coins and pendants, two columns bearing marble lions and even an early Medieval pluteus, an unicum of post-ancient Rome sculpture.

The exhibition features efficient educational equipment to guide visitors through the history and the discoveries.

In 2001, the museum returned to its original location in a wing of the Town Hall and is opened to the public free of charge.