Festa della Rosa (Festival of the Rose) – it takes place on a Sunday in May and is part of a touristic and floral itinerary through the towns of Castelli Romani. For two days the most beautiful roses, flower and fruit bearing plants, bonsai, cacti and exotic plants as well as grass plots, gardening tools and artisanal products are on display creating a charming and colourful setting. During the flower show you can find many food and wine stalls.

Festa della Madonna delle Grazie (Celebration of Our Lady of Graces) – For the last 135 years a festival is held for one week in May to celebrate the Madonna delle Grazie to which the people of Lanuvio are particularly dedicated. The Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie is a small 16th century church south of the town that was destroyed by a fire in 1984 and later rebuilt by local faithful followers. Since 1923, the church contains a painting of the Virgin worshiped by followers and is constantly overcome by their thankful donations. During the celebration week, you can enjoy music, concerts, theatre performances and fireworks displays.

Festa della Musica (Musical Festival) – it takes place in June and has become for some years part of the local tradition. Under the town’s torch-lit illuminations, street artists and emerging groups play every kind of music, from rock, blues, jazz, world music, pop, punk, country, grunge, ska to folk music.

Festa dell’Uva e del Vino (Festival of Grapes and Wine) – it is held on the fourth Sunday of September to celebrate the most important products of the local economy. Even though different themes are proposed every year, the traditional atmosphere is always maintained to reflect the true spirit of the festival. During the celebration, as well as the corsa delle botti (wine barrel race), you can enjoy concerts, theatre performances and workshops