Catacombs ad Decimum

As the name clearly suggests, the catacombs are located at the tenth mile of the Via Latina (corresponding today to the 6th km of the via Anagnina).

They are among the best-known in the area for their excellent state of conservation of the two tunnel vaults with a barrel ceiling dug in tuff rock and branching off into smaller tunnels for a length of 225 meters. The drop between one part of the gallery and the other is about a metre and for this reason have been called “double levelled contiguous catacombs”.

Near the entrance, you can see the arcosolium with a marble candleholder that also serves as a pillar. Approximately one thousand graves (2nd-5th century A.D.) are conserved inside and the majority of them are still intact, as well as some wall paintings dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries. Particularly interesting are the marble slabs used to close the burial cells which bear humble inscriptions revealing the poor nature of the burial.


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