Genzano di Roma

Annunziata Church

The second convent church of Genzano is located south of the town towards Velletri and Nemi. The façade dating back to 1786 has two overlapping orders of columns, the lower Tuscan and the upper Ionic, with a crowning triangular tympanum.

The portal is decorated with Tuscan columns and two pilaster strips on each side framing a niche. In the upper order, above the entablature, you can clearly see a rectangle window decorated with strips and pilasters that enclose a niche with shell-like decorations.
Inside there is a single nave and two sides altars with three niches on each side.
Worth mentioning, are the vaulted ceiling attributed to Girolamo Siciolante, known as il Sermoneta, and the painting on the high altar of the Annunciazione, late Roman Mannerist style between the 16th and 17th century.
The church belonged to the Augustinian Fathers – Congregation of Genova – from 1611 to 1810; there is no certain previous history but the only certainty is that it was mentioned in the “Relazione ad limina” in 1569, written by the Bishop of Albano and that it was attached to a small hospitale or rather lodgings for pilgrims.