Genzano di Roma

Church of San Francesco

The church, with its adjoining convent of the Cappuccini monks, an important point of the trident roads, the so-called "delle Olmate", was built upon the request of Duke Giuliano Cesarini in order to host the Franciscan monks who were staying at a convent in the centre of Nemi, an inconvenient position and without running water.


The complex was opened in 1643 by Duke Giuliano’s brother, Cardinal Alessandro Cesarini. The project was the work of Brother Michele da Bergamo, who at the time was at the service of Pope Urban VIII. The church had a simple façade with an overhead tympanum respecting the simplicity of the religious order. The entrance portal is crowned by a peperino tympanum with a simple rectangular window overhead. The actual appearance of the church derives from the renovation work carried out after the damages of the Second World War.

Inside the church there is a hall covered with a barrel vault, two chapels on each side with the high altar on a presbytery raised by three steps. In the first chapel on the left, we find a tombstone with the bust of Camillo Iacobini by the sculpture Pietro Tenerani. The church is open to the public.

The importance of the Cesarini family is revealed in the small oil paintings of some members of the family such as Duke Giuliano III, his brother Filippo and likewise Gaetano (first son of Livia Cesarini and Federico Sforza) as well as the marble bust of Livia Cesarini sculptured upon the request of Lorenzo Sforza Cesarini in 1851.

The convent is enhanced by an elegant cloister with pillars of peperino, which probably come from ancient Roman constructions. At present the church is run by the Piccole Suore dell’Assunzione.