The Castelli Romani cuisine is rich, known dishes that are generally attributed to Rome but which in the Castelli take on new flavors and aromas. Excellent food and wine products can be tasted in taverns and typical restaurants overlooking magnificent landscapes: from the DOP wines of Velletri, Frascati, Marino, to the IGP bread from Genzano and the MCG bread from Lariano.

The famous porchetta of Ariccia and the coppiette … The strawberries of Nemi, the peaches of Castel Gandolfo and the Grapes of Colonna … And the cuisine of the Castelli Romani: broccoli drawn, coratella with artichokes, lamb chops; fresh pasta: pincinelle and cellitti are just a first taste! The good and sparkling air of the Castelli Romani will surely make you hungry!