Monumental Bridge

At the entrance of the town, the impressive three-tiered arched viaduct that substituted the steep ramps of the old Appian Way welcomes visitors.

It overlooks the splendid Park of Palazzo Chigi and directly connects Ariccia to the nearby town Albano. The bridge, built between 1847 and 1854 by the will of Pope Pius IX and planned by the architect Ireneo Aleandri, is to be considered one of the most important engineering works of the 19th century.
It is 312 metres long and 59 metres high, but unfortunately because of its height, it is the bridge where many people have committed suicide, earning the unfortunate title of “the Suicide Bridge”. To avoid any further episodes protective barriers have been placed along the sides.
The bridge was partially destroyed once by Second World War bombings and then, in 1969, the central part collapsed.