Monte Compatri

Sfida del Borghi (town challenge) – it takes place in August among the five districts of Montecompatri: Borgo Ghetto, Borgo le Prata, Borgo Missori, Borgo San Michele and Borgo Pantano. The celebrations last three days during which the towns compete in archery, music, dancing and a splendid costume parade. About 200 people dress in traditional 17th century costumes and reconstruct the historical visit of Cardinal Scipione Borghese to Monte Compatri.

Fiera di San Giuseppe (The market of Saint Joseph) – In spring Piazzale Busnago (Busnago Square) is lined with stands selling handcraft, commercial and industrial products.

Estate Monticiana (Monte Compatri Summer Festivals). Several festivals about food&wine, music, sport and folkore. June, july and august.