Colonna Palace (City Hall)

The building is found in the small Piazza Lepanto (Lepant Square), next to Piazza San Barnaba (St. Barnaba Square).

It stands on a pre-existing fortress built by the Orsini and was transformed into a palace by the will of Angese di Montefeltro, wife of Fabrizio I Colonna, who arrived at Marino in 1489. The project was assigned to Antonio da Sangallo the Young and the construction started in 1532 under the rule of Ascanio Colonna and ended in 1622 under Filippo Colonna I, who had the quadrangular Torrione built in the inner courtyard.

In 1916, it was purchased by Marino and is now used as the Town Hall. It was subject to damage caused by bombings and for this was rebuilt in the 60s.

The interiors were furnished by Sordino and adorned with paintings by the Zuccari brothers; a series of oils depicting the Popes from Saint Peter to Pius IX in the Sala Ducale. These images were used as copies for those of the Basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura in Rome after being destroyed by fire.

The Palace is now occupied by the municipal offices and is open to the public during working hours.