Typical Products

There is no doubt that Lariano's most important typical product is the exquisite Pane Casereccio (homemade bread) kneaded with a particular dark flour, for which the local producers received the M.C.G. (geographic Collective Mark) quality label.

Lariano is also famous for its porcini mushrooms. The nearby woods are full of them and are usually eaten locally with polenta (ground maize). The Festival of Porcino di Lariano (Festival of Porcini Mushrooms) takes place every year around mid-September and lasts more than a week attracting many visitors. As well as food and wine stalls, there are also music, shows and workshops.

We should also mention among the local specialities the delicious cellitti, a long gnocchi type pasta made from bread dough not risen bread dough: after being boiled they are seasoned with fresh tomato sauce, garlic, parsley and topped with pecorino romano cheese.